Coach Roz

To understand why Coach Roz created an organization to help disadvantaged kids, you just need to meet him.


The Playmakers at a Glance

While coaching varsity football at Sacramento’s Encina High School, former NFL player Greg Roeszler, discovered a disturbing fact – that one of his student athletes was sleeping in his car to avoid returning to a troubled home.

Digging deeper with his team revealed that the majority of his players faced daily struggles to survive and were surrounded by crime, gangs, violence, drugs and alcohol. Believing that coaches hold a key to building skills beyond the field, Roeszler founded The Playmakers – a non-profit organization designed to build leadership and character through sports and academics.

Founded in 2009, The Playmakers began as a summer football camp integrating football skills and character lessons. Playmakers then evolved to provide after school and summer reading programs for at-risk youth, and an annual Summer Football Academy for regional high schools.

The Playmakers touched the lives of more than 2,000 students and athletes. Now, our vision for the future is to expand and affect even more kids on a national level. By partnering with community leaders and agencies, we can spread The Playmakers curriculum on a national scale. We can reduce bullying and give youth tools to overcome their challenges.

You can read Playmaker Stories that are showing us evidence that building character, self-confidence and leadership gives young students tools to diffuse difficult situations, think of others, and to know when to ask for help.

The Playmakers previously hosted after-school programs in the Sacramento Region. We have adapted to the needs of the community, and we now host 3 Summer Football Camps across the United States. Our goal is to keep every program and camp at ZERO cost to the participant and their families. We are incredibly grateful to the sponsors, donors and volunteers who allow us to keep helping these kids strengthen their family and community relationships.


Support The Cause

Thanks to your generous support, we are able to continue offering our programs, camps and events completely free of charge to participants and their families.


The Playmaker Program

The Playmakers Organization in Sacramento mentors and inspires youth through their academic after-school program on 5 elementary school campuses. Youth are mentored by trained coaches in the areas of literacy, core values and fitness.