Pictures from our basketball game


Sacramento State Hornets

This is a picture of our Sacramento State Hornets that volunteered to help our Playmakers on 02/29/2020

Michael Williams and Javon Swann

Surprise visit from our Stanford Playmakers, Michel Williams and Javon Swann. These two men drove for 3 hours just because they heard Playmakers were having an event. They were there and gave support on the game floor. They also talked to our Playmakers and Sacramento State Hornets, sharing with everyone about their support.



One of our new Playmakers, Timmy stole the microphone from Coach Roz. He felt like he could do a better job.

Sensei Sean

We had a second degree black belt, Sensei Sean who is a not for profit trainer. He volunteered his time with his two top students that taught our Playmakers some moves during half time.


Sensei Sean

Additional photos from Sensei Sean  teaching additional moves to all basketball players, even our mentors were having fun.


A member of another sponsor, Bayside Church, was one of our guest coaches. He was cheering on another one of our new Playmakers, Serena singing to a song she loved



We thank one of our sponsor's Chic-Fil-A for a wonderful catered lunch for everyone including our hungry football players.