COVID Playmaker Challenge

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. With COVID-19 postponing our programs, we did an at home program where Playmakers did chores around the house to help feed our front line workers.

Soup Kitchen


Playmaker Challenge


We partnered up with Chicago Fire in Folsom and with our Playmakers doing the chore challenge. We fed 100 first line workers at Kaiser Morris hospital.

Playmaker Challenge


When a Playmaker Pup does a chore around the house, Harrison will pay them $10. That $10 will be in a form of a donation to CHI Health Hospital for our front line workers fighting COVID-19.

Playmaker Challenge


Our kids are committed to doing a chore for someone else that Harrison is paid them $10 for. Their $10 is being forwarded to hospital/front line workers to feed them a lunch in BUFFALO. Harrison is matching it and so is Playmakers. You can't believe the videos and pictures of kids paying-it-forward.