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Chore Challenge

We partnered up with Chicago Fire in Folsom and with our Playmakers doing the chore challenge. We fed 100 first line workers at Kaiser Morris hospital on 05/22/2020. Channel 3 KCRA and  Channel ABC 10 were there and covered our story as well. We had support from 2 Sac state football players Wyatt and Kevin.

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Basketball Tournament

February 29th, 2020

Playmakers Basketball offered games for kids at risk and special needs. Our Playmaker children “partnered” with one of our Playmakers to assist in making the game fun and possible for all.

This was a wonderful event that everyone just loved. We went from playing basketball, to Martial arts during halftime, back to playing basketball, and then turning it into a singing contest.

Even Michael Williams, from Stanford broke out in some tunes when the mic was just past to him. We all ate and had a beautiful day giving children with special needs, an opportunity they normally would not have.  


Unified Basketball

Folsom High School Freshman Football Team volunteers for The Playmakers Basketball Event! Thank you to Burgess Brothers' Barbeque & Burgers for the chur waffles!


Sacramento Football Camp

Many thanks to Harrison Phillips, Jordan Richards, and our Title Sponsors (Asher College and Fitguard) for all their contributions that made our Sacramento Playmakers Camp a great success. It was fantastic to see the joy in the kids faces!


Coaching Character and Leadership

One of the events dear to our heart is the We have just returned from a 3-city tour building relationships and meeting kids who want to be a part of The Playmakers Team. What we are doing with Tim Brown for the kids Playmakers Activity Fun Day for at risk and special needs kids to give them a great day that is all based around character and doing the right thing and serving others in the community. We are bringing at risk and special needs kids together for a wonderful day of fun and football. It is important because a lot of these kids are from tough neighborhoods. It's a great opportunity for the kids and is inspiring.